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Sea Creatures Themed Writing Practice

What is it

Writing printables of various sea creatures

  1. Letter writing with dot to dot pictures (Easy)

  2. Writing names of sea creatures (Advanced)

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn to write letters (uppercase and lowercase)

  • Learn sequence of numbers

  • Learn the spelling of sea creatures

  • Learn to write independently

  • Develop good handwriting skills

How to use

Letter writing with dot to dot pictures

  • Point and read the name of each sea creature with your child

  • Highlight the first letter of each word eg. “Fish starts with the letter… F”

  • Encourage your child to join the number dots to form the picture of the sea creature

  • If your child likes colouring, give your child colouring materials!

Writing Names of Sea Creatures

  • Read the sentence provided to identify the name of the sea creature

  • Go through the spelling of the sea creature alphabet by alphabet

  • Start with tracing the alphabets on the full dotted prompt then to the faded dot prompt

  • Encourage your child to write the word independently

Teaching tips

  • Point out the top line, middle line and bottom line and where each alphabet should touch when writing. This helps to ensure that the alphabets are being written neatly on the line (which is an important skill in school)

  • Praise your child for showing good on-task behaviours (e.g. sitting nicely, looking at the paper when writing, being quiet)

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Sound out the phonic sound of the alphabet to help your child remember the spelling of the sea creature

  • Create a fun song or chant to help remember the spelling of the sea creature

Download your FREE printable here!

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