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Spring is here! (Set 1)

What is it

Spring themed worksheets

  • A set of worksheets to work on different skills

Teaching Objectives

  • Improve matching skills

  • Practising tracing and writing

  • Learning labels related to questions that may be asked about them

  • Understanding and differentiating objectives of various worksheets

  • Sustained attention for counting tasks in different formats

  • Improve colouring skills

How to use

  • Familiarise child with labels associated with the theme “Spring” such as weather, garden, plants, and animals associated with spring

  • Guide the child to look at and articulate labels that you point to.

  • Explain the objective of each worksheet and prompt child through initial steps and fade prompt when child understands objective

Teaching tips

  • Pair this worksheet with videos to aid the understanding of the theme

Here are some videos:

Embed more learning opportunities

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

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