Our home-based program provides your child with individualised and intensive behavioural therapy.


Intervention strategies and programmes are tailored to suit your child’s needs, improving various aspects of his/her development (e.g. behaviour, speech, attending, social skills, etc). We believe that every child is able to learn and teaching should be individualised according to the way he learns. Our team of consultants and therapists will periodically review your child’s progress to maximise learning and facilitate functional independence.

Children with autism often face difficulties in social communication and forming meaningful relationships with people.


Our social group aims to develop the skills needed for interacting with their peers successfully. Complex social skills will be broken down into bite-sized achievable targets. They will learn how to communicate effectively with peers and learn the intricate social rules necessary for sustaining friendships.

Going to (a new) school can be overwhelming and stressful for some children with autism.

Shadow teachers play a crucial role in your child’s transition into mainstream school. We support your child by managing his behaviours, assisting social interactions, and academic work, thus helping him to assimilate into the school environment with greater ease. The goal of a shadow teacher is help your child gain independence in his daily school life.

Children with autism may sometimes find it difficult to cope with academic work taught in school.


We are here to help them break down the concepts into smaller nuggets of information for easier understanding. They will also be equipped with “learning to learn skills” that can be generalised and applied across different assignments.

Parents are the greatest teachers of their children.


At Our Special Story, we emphasise on the importance of the parents’ roles by educating and empowering them with the correct strategies and support. Consistency between our therapists, teachers in school and parents/caregivers of the child is essential to help the child learn at a faster pace. Parents’ involvement plays a big role in generalisation of skills, and this process can be done at the comfort of your own home. 

Children with autism often display disruptive behaviours, which parents and teachers find challenging to handle at home and in class respectively.


Our Special Story provides training and workshops to parents and teachers to teach them techniques based on ABA principles to better manage tantrums, increase positive behaviours, develop language and communication, teach new skills, etc.

Past workshops:

Pat Schoolhouse Mount Emily -  “How to provide positive reinforcement to my child?”

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