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School Readiness Program for children with autism - 

Special 5-day June Holiday Edition

Equip your child with skills that will help them succeed in school!

Now open for sign ups!

Is your child learning in school?

Choosing the right school or program that is best suited for a child can be a tough decision.


Parents want a school that helps their child grow and reach their fullest potential.


It’s normal for parents to enroll their child with autism into a mainstream preschool because they want their child to socialise with typical children – while hoping that he/she will be able to learn from other students and teachers. 


However, while the intention is good, sometimes parents may notice that their child isn’t making much progress from school.


They may feel that they’re constantly playing catch-up for their child. 


Children with autism experience developmental delays in attending, regulation, speech, language, numeracy, literacy, social skills etc. 


The thing is, they may not necessarily assimilate into school immediately and know how to learn in a big class with other children.​


Neither may teachers in a mainstream preschool have experience in teaching and handling children with autism...


nor might they have the capacity to give them special attention in a class with over 20 children.

More often than not, children with extra needs are neglected.


Their valuable time is wasted without receiving the support they need.

And they are not learning

This is why we offer our School Readiness Program.


It is a program,

  • designed for children with autism,

  • provides the attention that your child deserves, and

  • where your child can learn effectively.

Woman Tutoring Child

What is school readiness?

School readiness means that a child is able to learn in a group environment.


Often, children start with 1-on-1 instruction, where they have full access to an attentive adult to provide instruction and teach important skills, with high quality attention and support.


Although this is a great start for many children, it is not a sustainable teaching model.

The purpose of our School Readiness Program is to help bridge the gap between 1-on-1 instruction and group learning environments e.g. childcare or school.

Through our school readiness program, we can help your child to cope with the intensity of school and teach them important life skills to carry with them as they grow up.

What skills we'll teach


  • Attending skills
    (e.g. sitting, looking, waiting, listening, nice hands)

  • Following instructions

  • Self-regulation

  • Tolerance

Motor Skills

  • Gross motor

  • Fine motor

Speech and Language

  • Requesting

  • Asking for help

  • Answering questions

  • Asking questions

  • Receptive and expressive language

  • Understanding instructions

Daily Living Skills

  • Independence 

  • Money skills

  • Toileting 

  • Personal hygiene

  • Problem solving

Social Skills

  • Social interest and awareness

  • Communication

  • Conversational skills

  • Emotions

  • Social cues

  • Joining in play

  • Observational learning

Classroom Skills

  • Understanding group instructions 

  • Responsibility of personal belongings

  • Following school routines and timetables

Play Skills

  • Develop interest in different toys and activities

  • Learn how to play and rules of games

  • Independent play skills

Academic Support

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Comprehension

  • Numeracy

June Holiday

Program Details

School's out! But the learning continues... in a fun way of course! 

This is a special shorter version of our typical School Readiness Program.


It allows parents who are curious about enrolling their child into an Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) classroom to do so with a shorter commitment period during the June Holidays.

5-day program dates,

  • 31 May – 4 June ​ or

  •  14 June – 18 June

Age Group

3–6 years old

Available Classes


9–12 pm

(3h sessions)

Children to Teacher Ratio

5 : 2

Group classes with specific focus on each individual

Each child is unique and so are their needs. We at Our Special Story understand that – that is why our class sizes are small to ensure that each child gets the help that is specifically tailored for them. 

In our School Readiness Program, you can expect, 

  • individualised targets and goals incorporated into group setting 

  • differentiated teaching catered to each child's learning needs

  • behaviour skills that can benefit all learning environments

  • quarterly Individualised Education Program (IEP)

Theme for June: “Our Community”

Our world and community is filled with fascinating things. 

We will do fun activities and explore related topics such as:

  • Places in our community

  • Community helpers 

  • Life skills

School Readiness Timetable.jpg

5 days



Early bird discount: $450
Sign up by 21 May 2021

So what are you waiting for? Find out why an ABA-based classroom actually works for children with autism today!

Grace Tan.jpg

Professional and reliable therapists

All our therapists have a degree in Psychology and have gone through intensive Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) training. 

ABA is a scientific approach to understanding behaviour and learning. It is a flexible technique that is effective for all ages, from early childhood through adulthood.

Our School Readiness Program will be led by our Case Supervisors, Carolyn and Sujie, who have over 8 years of experience teaching ABA to children with autism and special needs.

Jeannie Yong

What our clients say about us

Jiayi Guo

Highly recommend. Our therapists Grace and Carolyn, they are really customer-oriented and attending to individual needs of my son. My son was starting with limited echos and now can have dialogues with teachers. Really appreciated.

Kyu Kyu Thinn

Grace and her team have passion to work with kids and are skillful and patient with them. Since my son started sessions with them, he has been progressing very well. Thank you!

Nicole Butcher

Jeannie was my son's ABA therapist for close to a year and she's always encouraging and informative of the process my son goes through. We're grateful to have had her in our son's early intervention years. Her patience has helped our son to progress at his own pace and if not for her I don't think he would be as far as he is today.

Where are we located?

844 Sims Ave #02-700 Singapore 400844

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