Our Team

At Our Special Story, we believe every child’s potential

is far beyond our imagination.

They never fail to surprise us with what they can do.

Our mission is to help children with autism reach their highest potential.


We are a team of dedicated behaviour therapists who strive to walk every step of the way with our families and empower every child with the skills needed to achieve functional independence.

Grace Tan.jpg

A child's laugh could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.


Behaviour Consultant

B.A. (Psychology and Criminolgy);

B.Psych.Sciences (2nd Upper Class Honours)

Grace began her journey teaching children with autism and special needs 7 years ago. Grace loves the laughter and smiles of her students and seeing the little improvements they make. She is passionate about providing children with special needs an avenue to express themselves and believes in growing their strengths.

Fun Fact:

Grace has a cute dog named 'Meatball' and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). 

Jeannie Yong

I believe every student can learn, just not in the same way or not on the same day.


Behaviour Consultant

B.A. (Psychology);

B.Sc. (Business Administration)

Jeannie has worked with children with autism for almost 10 years. Witnessing the progress of the children under her care has kept her going and she strongly believes in the importance of early intervention. She also hopes to do her part to advocate towards an inclusive society.

Fun Fact: 

Jeannie is always on a hunt for good food and enjoys visiting the animals at the zoo with her 3 year old son. 

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