Home-based 1-on-1 Therapy

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Our 1-on-1 ABA program provides your child with individualised and intensive behavioural therapy in the comfort of your own home. 

Intervention strategies and programmes are tailored to suit your child’s needs, improving various aspects of his/her development:


Behaviour - managing tantrums and meltdowns, emotional regulation, eye contact, tolerance to work, tolerance to changes, waiting, denials...

Learning to learn skills - ability to sit for some time, ability to look and attend to teacher and materials, ability to scan toys/materials, ability to follow simple instructions, ability to keep hands to self...

Speech and communication - production of speech, initiating language, oral motor skills, articulation, fluency, responding to questions, asking questions, conversations, vocabulary, grammar...

Social skills - social interest, social awareness, turn-taking, sharing, requesting for items or help from peers, conversations, emotional awareness, understanding social cues, observational learning...

School readiness and academics - work habits (copying, organisational skills, etc), numeracy, literacy, writing, reading, comprehension, spelling... 

Motor skills - gross motor, fine motor, handwriting, cutting, threading...

Play and leisure skills - playing appropriately with toys, visual-spatial skills, playing with peers, pretend play, occupying oneself meaningfully...

Daily living skills - toileting, eating, drinking,  wearing shoes, wearing clothes, brushing teeth, money skills, buying things at the shop...

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Abstract Background

How we get results and meet your goals

To ensure that your child's learning is maximised, his/her progress will be

  • consistently reviewed, and

  • evaluated using data-driven strategies.


Throughout intervention, our experienced team of behaviour consultants and therapists aim to work alongside you to support your child and help him be functionally independent.

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What to Expect



  • Understand your concerns

  • Share how ABA can benefit your child

  • Ask any questions

  • Get advice