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School Shadowing

Help your child gain independence in his daily school life

Going to (a new) school can be overwhelming and stressful for children with Autism.

Shadow teachers play a crucial role in your child’s transition into mainstream school. We support your child by 

  • increasing positive classroom behaviours,

  • assisting social interactions, and

  • academic work,

thus helping him to assimilate into the school environment with greater ease. The goal of a shadow teacher is help your child gain independence in his daily school life.


Children with autism may face difficulties in...

  • Paying attention in class/circle time

  • Maintaining appropriate classroom behaviours

  • Understanding concepts taught in class

  • Following group instructions

  • Listening to conditional instructions (e.g. "all the boys stand up")

  • Completing tasks/activities independently 

  • Learning school routines and classroom rules

  • Initiating conversations with peers

  • Joining in play with peers

  • Maintaining friendships with peers


A shadow teacher can...


Increase positive classroom behaviours (e.g. sitting nicely, paying attention in class, following instructions, completing assignments independently)

Decrease problem behaviours (e.g. screaming, shouting, meltdowns, noncompliance, running around during lesson time)

Break down difficult concepts into smaller parts for easier understanding 

Develop positive work habits in the classroom setting

Support child in developing positive peer relationships