Social Groups

Children with autism often face difficulties in social communication and forming meaningful relationships with people.


Our social group aims to develop the skills needed for interacting with their peers successfully. Complex social skills will be broken down into bite-sized achievable targets. They will learn how to communicate effectively with peers and learn the intricate social rules necessary for sustaining friendships.

We will teach these 5 aspects through different activities in a progressive manner.

Skill targets will be individualised according to your child’s ability.  

Social Relatedness

level of social interest among the different groups of people (peers, family, teachers, strangers)

Social Awareness

ability to identify, receive and understand social cues (facial expressions, body language, voice pitch and tone, personal space, gestures)

Social Interaction

the process by which we act and react to those around us (to exchange, cooperate, compete, conflict) responding to friends, joining in play, inviting others to play

Social Communication

Using language to provide information, to question,

to invite, to negotiate, to suggest, to clarify

Social Learning

the process of learning through watching others, replicating behaviours that were observed, retaining the information

We have two social groups for
3-4 years old
5-7 years old

If the child can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.

Naturalistic, nurturing and progressive ABA

Achieve functional independence in your child's best interests

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