Creating connections 

 ABA Therapy for children with special needs 

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Empower your child's learning 

EnablE your child's independence

Enrich the quality of life of your child and family

Having a child with autism or special needs

can be stressful and overwhelming.


We are here to journey with you every step of the way. 


We promise to work closely with you and your family 

to support your child's learning and development;

and simply to be a listening ear. 

Our team at Our Special Story teach with passion, love and fun! 

We focus on your child’s happiness and ​learning process;

and aim to build the essential foundations your child needs to

thrive and live functionally​ and​ independently​.


School Readiness Program

for children with autism

Equip your child with skills that will help them succeed in school!

Through our school readiness program, we can help your child to cope with the intensity of school and teach them important life skills to carry with them as they grow up.

  • Classroom behaviours and routines

  • Speech and language

  • Social skills

  • Daily living skills 

  • Numeracy and literacy

*limited slots available

New Centre Opening Offer:

30% off your first 2 months!

Our Special Story ABA therapy

" Together we may give our children the roots to grow and wings to fly. "

- Unknown

ABA Therapy improves


Programs are individualised and tailored to your child's needs

Fun, naturalistic and engaging

Improves attention

Improves speech and communication

Increase positive classroom behaviours

Increase your child's independence in school

Support your child in developing positive peer relationships 





 1h Therapy Trial

  • Understand your concerns

  • Share how ABA can benefit your child

  • Ask any questions

  • Get advice

  • Play and interact with your child

  • See how we carry out therapy

  • Preliminary assessment


  • Meet the team (Behaviour Consultant and Behaviour Therapist)

  • In-depth assessment of your child's level in each developmental domain

  • Determine baselines  

  • Identify your child's strengths and weaknesses  



Program (IEP)

Therapy begins

  • Therapy begins!

  • Personalised program file 

  • Updates after every session

  • Regular check ins with parents

  • Parent education and training

Regular reviews and supervision

  • Supervision by Behaviour Consultant every fortnight

  • Regular updates and streamlining of prompts and programs

  • Progress report every 3 months 


What our clients say about us...

Parents of W

We engaged Grace and Carolyn since November 2019 for shadowing and ABA services to prepare him for Primary 1. They managed to quickly build rapport with him and the transition to primary school was better than expected. They were attentive to his needs and followed up at home, further supporting his transition to primary school. They also worked closely with the school teachers so that we can reinforce at home. In less than a year, we saw significant improvement in W and even the school teachers agreed. W enjoys school every day and has gained confidence in adapting to school independently. There are still needs to be supported, but we trust Our Special Story will be with us on this journey.


My child is missing some of his milestones, but I don't know what's the problem. What should I do?

Every child grows and develops at different pace and speeds.  Milestone checklists are a helpful baseline, but not every child will hit each stage according to its projections. 

However, some missed milestones can be red flags that point to larger complications.


By 12 months: No babbling or gestures such as pointing, waving, or showing  

By 16 months: No words 

By 24 months: No two-word meaningful phrases


It is best to seek professional advice as early as possible. Book an appointment with a doctor or a consultation with us to help you with your next steps.

I have not heard of ABA therapy. How can ABA therapy help my child?

ABA therapy can improve various aspects of your child's developmental areas including behaviour, speech and communication, attention, school readiness skills, social skills and more.

Depending on your child's age and developmental phase, we will personalise programs and targets to work on those areas of concern. The programs will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure your child's progress and growth.


Book a free 1 hour therapy trial to see how we work and teach your child.

Is my child too young to start therapy?

We have worked with little ones as young as 18 months! 


Expect nothing but fun-filled and engaging sessions where your child will learn through play as we work on various skills such as joint attention, imitation, pointing to share interest, and receptive language. 

Early intervention is key.


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