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Achieve Functional Independence

We help children in Singapore with autism and special needs reach their highest potential and achieve functional independence.

You don't have to walk alone


Raising a child with autism or special needs can be stressful and overwhelming.

That is because parents may have to deal with their child's 

  • frequent tantrums and meltdowns

  • speech delay

  • difficulty understanding what others are saying

  • difficulty listening and paying attention

  • lack of social awareness and skills (e.g. lack of eye contact, does not respond to their name)

  • lack of interest in toys and play skills

  • sensory issues (self-stimulatory behaviours), and 

  • not able to do daily living tasks independently (e.g. eating, toileting, drinking).

All of these challenges together can make parenting very difficult.

However, as the saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child".


This describes the importance of having many people interact with children to help them grow and achieve their full potential

Our team at Our Special Story are here to help and journey with you every step of the way. 

We work closely with parents to support their child's learning and development; and simply to be a listening ear. 

Our team teaches with passion, love and fun!


We focus on your child’s happiness and ​learning process; and aim to build the essential foundations your child needs to thrive and live functionally​ and​ independently​.

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Our approach is scientific

We run our therapy sessions and programs following the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA).

ABA is a scientific approach to understanding behaviour and learning. 


It is effective in improving and teaching new behaviours to children with Autism and special needs through implementation of strategies and environmental modifications

ABA therapy improves the following areas and skills: 


Our Promise


If the child can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.


Naturalistic, nurturing and progressive ABA


Achieve functional independence in your child's best interests

What We Do


Our flagship service. Individualised and intensive behavioural therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Fun, naturalistic and engaging

Improves attention

Improves speech and communication

Social Skills Group

Develop the skills needed for interacting with others successfully.

Learn how to communicate effectively with peers

Learn the intricate rules necessary for sustaining friendships

Skill targets are individualised according to each child's ability

School Readiness Program

Equip your child with skills that will help them succeed in school.

Build classroom skills

Build social skills

Improve academic skills

School Shadowing

We shadow your child in school to help them gain independence in their daily school life. 

Increase positive classroom behaviours

Increase independence at school

Helps develop positive peer relationships

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Our Special Story ABA therapy

Together we may give our children the roots to grow and wings to fly

What our clients say about us

Jiayi Guo

Highly recommend. Our therapists Grace and Carolyn, they are really customer-oriented and attending to individual needs of my son. My son was starting with limited echos and now can have dialogues with teachers. Really appreciated.

Mum of D

Our baby D's therapist is Ms Carolyn. A patient lady who knows how to handle my girl who could not sit down for a short period of time. After a few sessions, she is able to sit down for a good 30 mins of work time and is more verbal in the correct manner like 'I see' or 'I'm (action)-ing'. 


D loves it when she arrives at the doorstep as she is friendly and cheerful. The progression for our little one was improving very well thanks to her specialties.

Nicole Butcher

Jeannie was my son's ABA therapist for close to a year and she's always encouraging and informative of the process my son goes through. We're grateful to have had her in our son's early intervention years. Her patience has helped our son to progress at his own pace and if not for her I don't think he would be as far as he is today.

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Our Mission

Empower your child's learning 

EnablE your child's independence

Enrich the quality of life of your child and family

Where are we located?

844 Sims Ave #02-700 Singapore 400844



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