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All About Me!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

What is it

All about me worksheet

Teaching Objectives

  • To develop a sense of self

  • To build self esteem by recognising characteristics that make them unique

  • To share information about self to others

How to use

  • Prompt child to read each sentence starter “My name is”, “I am ___ years old”, “I like”

  • Child can practise cutting visuals from page 2 and 3 or adult to cut out visuals for child to paste

  • Child to pick the correct answer to paste into each section

  • If your child can trace or write, get your child to write his or her name and age

  • Child to identify receptively or expressively what he or she likes from page 3 and paste it into the “I like” section

Teaching tips

  • Parent or teacher can do a copy of the worksheet and model for child how to do it

  • Allow your child to choose what he or she likes on his own. No right or wrong!

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Receptive language: which is the fire truck?

  • Expressive language: what’s this? what do you like?

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

Our Special Story provides home based 1-on-1 ABA Therapy and school shadowing for children with autism spectrum disorder, speech delay and other special needs. ABA Therapy can help to improve behaviours, attention, speech and communication, school readiness and social skills.

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