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Take a road trip to learn how to write numbers!

Updated: Jun 22

Vehicles, roads and numbers - what’s there not to like! Learning how to write doesn’t have to be a boring activity. This printable helps your child to visualise the formation of numbers in a fun way. This might be our favourite printable thus far, what do you think?

What is it

Numbers in the form of roads

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn number formation through play

  • Trace numbers using vehicles

How to use

  • Get your child to drive his favourite vehicle along the roads to learn how numbers are formed.

  • Verbalise the action (words in the speech bubbles) to provide a visual association for the formation of each number.

  • Make it into a fun game! Go! Slow! Stop!

  • Trace the number with your index finger.

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Identify and use different vehicles

  • Learn symbolic meanings of colour

- Green: go!

- Red: stop!

- Orange: slow down!

  • Practice counting. Place the correct quantity of vehicles for each number.

Download the FREE printable here!

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