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Alphabets Cut and Paste

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What is it

Alphabet Cut and Paste sequencing printable

  • With matching prompts

  • Without matching prompts

Teaching objectives

  • Introduce identification of letters in the alphabet

  • Introduce sequencing of alphabet

  • Cut and paste skills

How to use

  • Cut out the alphabets at the bottom of the page along the dotted lines

  • Recite the alphabet sequence with your child and pause when you reach the blank to let your child fill in the missing blank

  • Put out options for him to retrieve the correct option receptively

  • For more alphabet recognition practice, colour the alphabets while singing the alphabet song or ask your child to colour a specific alphabet

Teaching tips

  • Use colourful alphabet pieces to practise more sequencing examples with your child

  • Sing the ABC song and point to each alphabet to help your child visualise the next letter

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Expressive language: What letter is this?

  • Receptive language: Where is letter G? Can you find ‘E’?

  • Phonics: B makes the sound?

  • Treasure hunt game: Find toys around the house and match it to the alphabet that it begins with. Try to fill up all the alphabets!

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