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Cut and Paste Sea Creatures!

What is it

Cut and paste activities sheets

  1. Errorless

  2. Advanced

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn the names of different sea creatures

  • Develop cutting skills and hand-eye coordination

  • Practice fine motor skills of cutting and pasting

  • Practice sustaining attention when cutting

How to use


  • Design your own under the sea scene!

  • Cutting of straights lines

  • Name the sea creatures as your child is cutting or pasting them

  • If your child has difficulty identifying where to cut, highlight or thicken the dotted lines with a marker to make it more obvious to him.


  • Practice changing of direction when cutting

  • Cutting of wavy lines and different shapes

  • Match the picture and create the sea creature!

Teaching tips

  • Get a child-friendly pair of scissors. Make sure it is not too small and not too big. One side should fit the thumb, while the other side fits the index and middle finger and the fit should be snug.

  • If your child does not know how to apply glue, get a coloured glue stick that will allow him to see the area he is applying the glue to visibly.

  • Use the correct scissors for your child. If your child is left-handed, use a pair of left-handed scissors. It would be more comfortable and easier for your child to use.

  • For children who are just learning to use scissors or have difficulty in performing the cutting action, spring-loaded scissors can provide the extra assistance as they automatically spring open after being squeezed close.

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Develop receptive and expressive language of daily items e.g. get the scissors/ glue

  • Describe the features of each creature (e.g. The sea turtle has a shell, the octopus has 8 tentacles, the shark has sharp teeth…)

Download your FREE printable here!

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