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DIY Sea Creatures Game Cards!

What is it

2 sets of 10 different sea creature cards that can be coloured in.

Use these cards to play games such as memory game, ‘Snap!’ and ‘What am I’?

Teaching Objectives

  • Develop turn-taking skills during a game

  • Practice matching skills in a natural setting

  • Develop question asking and answering skills through an activity

Design and colour your own play cards!

How to use

  • Cut out each card and colour the sea creatures. Decorate it in any way you like!

  • To play ‘memory game’: Place all the cards on the floor and give players time to remember where each card is. Then, turn the cards over so that it is facing down. Players will take turns finding the matching pair.

  • To play ‘Snap!’: 2 players will hold 10 cards in their hand. Flip over one card at the same time. If it is the same sea creature, quickly shout “Snap!”. The player who shouts the fastest gets to take all the cards in the pile.

  • To play ‘What am I’?: One player will take a random card and place it on his forehead without seeing the sea creature. The player can then ask the other players questions about the sea creature and try to guess what sea creature he has.

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