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Garden Colouring

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

What is it

Colouring sheets with items to colour and/or find

Teaching Objectives

  • Using appropriate vocabulary to name the item(s) found in the garden

  • Learning to scan and identify the required item(s) and colour

  • Increasing fine motor skills with crayons or colour pencils

How to use

  • Support your child in reading each sentence

  • Use the picture or underlined word to identify the item(s) to search for in each page

  • Encourage your child to look for the item(s) and colour the picture

  • Guide your child in colouring the picture according to the sample image provided

Teaching tips

  • To encourage your child to scan and identify the correct item(s), they can point to it first or ask them to tell you what colour the item is

  • You can prompt your child if needed, by telling them how many more items there are to be found

  • If your child is able to read on their own, you can cover the picture prompt (in colour)

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Have your child to find the item around the house/ grocery store/ garden/ local nursery and colour the picture in the same colours

  • Replace the underlined words with the names of the other items found on the page and get your child to colour the respective items.

  • Counting the number of items on each page

  • Receptive language - Point to the plant

  • Expressive language - What is this?

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

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