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Happy Deepavali!

What is it

“Deepavali” themed worksheets

  • A set of worksheets to work on various different skills

Teaching Objectives

  • Learning labels surrounding Deepavali

  • Working on fine motor skills in tracing and writing

  • Practice matching skills and spelling

  • Sustained attention for counting and colouring

How to use

  • Practise tracing and writing by working on their grip on pencil and writing on the line

  • Guide your child through each worksheet/question by explaining the objectives

  • Work on addition and subtraction using pictures to count for addition or cross for subtraction

  • Familiarise your child with the repeated labels from page to page.

  • Read each header to your child and guide them through initial steps, then fade prompts when child understands objective

  • Prompt child by enunciating the word/letter the child needs to find

    • “Which one is Lamp?” emphasising the “L” sound

Teaching tips

  • Pair this worksheet with crafts like painting clay lamps or watching videos online with songs and stories related to Deepavali

Here are some videos:

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Receptive language - “Where are the sparklers?”

  • Expressive language - Point to the saree and ask “what colour”

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

Our Special Story provides home based 1-on-1 ABA Therapy, group programs at our centre at Sims Avenue, and school shadowing for children with autism spectrum disorder, speech delay and other special needs.

ABA Therapy can help to improve behaviours, attention, speech and communication, school readiness and social skills.

Book a complimentary consultation and trial therapy session!

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