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Learn to Trace and Write Alphabets!

Tracing (Uppercase letters)

What is it

1. Uppercase and lowercase alphabet tracing worksheets

  • Fading dotted lines to develop independence

2. Uppercase and lowercase alphabet writing worksheets

Teaching objectives

  • Practice tracing and writing skill

Tracing (lowercase letters)

How to use

  • Get your child to trace with his finger to learn the strokes of the alphabet

  • Use directional verbal prompts to help your child remember the strokes e.g. V- go down and up; L- down and across; B- down, around and around

  • Use a thick/ jumbo pencil or attach a pencil grip to help your child hold the pencil with more stability.

  • Master tracing uppercase alphabets before moving on to lowercase as uppercase has more straight lines and will be easier for your child

  • Start with alphabets with fewer strokes or straight lines e.g. L, V T, U, C, E, F ...

  • If your child struggles to identify the start, end or turning points of the letters, you can draw coloured dots to make these points more salient.

  • Prompt your child hand-over-hand and slowly reducing your holding pressure when he develops more control

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Expressive language: What letter is this? A is for…?

Writing (Uppercase and Lowercase letters)

Download your FREE printables here!

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