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New theme! Have a FRUITY colouring time!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

What is it

Colouring fruits pages

1) Border prompts

2) Advanced

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn about colours

  • Develop colouring skills and hand-eye coordination

  • Develop fine motor muscles fundamental to writing

  • Increase concentration and sustained attention

  • Encourage creativity!

How to use

1) Colouring Fruits (with border prompts)

  • Use this if your child is new to colouring or is learning to colour!

  • Colouring pages with thick to medium to thin borders

  • Different fruits/shapes to generalise colouring skill

  • Start with the pages with thick borders to keep it easy and fun for your child! Build their confidence! :)

  • Get him/ her to point to or name different fruits and their colours

  • Find the crayon of the correct colour

2) Colouring Fruits (Advanced)

  • Use this if your child is a seasoned artist and has some colouring skills!

  • Colouring pages with thin borders and practice colouring using 2 colours

  • Starts with two separate fruits and increases in complexity

  • Work on that hand eye coordination to colour within the lines!

Teaching tips

  • Use thick colour pencils or egg crayons to help them with their grasp

  • Use a variety of colouring materials - colour pencils, markers, crayons, dot-a-dot markers...

  • Understand how a child’s grasp develops!

Pencil Grasp Development

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Categories: banana is a ….?; these are all fruits!

  • Expressive Language: name me a red fruit

  • General Knowledge: which fruit has seeds?

Download them here!

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