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Chinese New Year Activities!


What is it

Chinese New Year Activities

  1. Tracing and Writing

  2. Picture Matching (with line prompts)

  3. Colouring (with border prompts)

  4. Cut and Paste pictures (you can make a paper plate drum with these pictures too!)

Picture Matching


How to use

  • Point out to your child the different pictures/labels to introduce the different labels related to the festival (i.e. mandarin oranges, lion dance, red packet, firecracker)

  • Guide your child through the different activities and prompt your child to complete the different activities

  • Pair the activities with books/videos that are related to Chinese New Year

How to make Paper Plate Drum Craft

  • Paint the back of two paper plates

  • Once dry, stick a pair of wooden chopsticks in between the plates and stick them together to form a "drum"

  • Cut out pictures provided in our printable and have your child decorate the drum with the different pictures

  • Punch two holes on opposite sides to tie a string with a bell

  • A beautiful drum is ready for your child to play!

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