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Cut and Paste Body Parts! Human and Monster Style~

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

What is it

Cut and paste activities with and without shadow prompts

  1. Face of boy/ girl

  2. Body of boy/ girl

For generalisation

  1. Face of monster

  2. Body of monster

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn the labels of different body parts

  • Identify position of body parts

  • Fine motor skills of cutting and pasting

How to use

  • Pick your gender! Are you a boy or girl?

  • Cut out the body parts.

  • Get your child to identify the picture of the body parts, e.g. Find mouth, Where is the hand?

  • Get your child to point to the body part on his/her own body e.g. Point to your nose, where is your foot?

  • Let’s paste the (body part)!

  • Use sheets with shadow prompt, then level up and use the sheets without the prompt.

  • Too easy? Build the face and body of monsters! Or even better, create your own scary monster!

Teaching tips

  • Use a mirror to associate/identify the pictures and your child’s actual body part!- This can help increase awareness of their body.

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Practice language- Tell me about your monster!

  • “It is yellow. It has 4 arms.”

Download your FREE printable here!

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