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Body parts sight words

What is it

Worksheets with differentiated levels to learn to read sight words for body parts.

Level 1a, 2a and 3a includes pictures and sight words for the body parts- eyes, ear, mouth, nose and hair.

Level 1b, 2b and 3b include pictures and sight words for the body parts - hand, arm, foot, leg, shoulder and knee.

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn labels of body parts

  • Learn how to read body parts sight words

  • Develop worksheet skill by identifying and circling the correct answer

How to use

  • Level 1 - Parent/ Teacher to read the word to the child. Child to listen and circle the correct picture.

  • Level 2 - Child to read sight word, look at the 3 picture options available and circle the correct one.

  • Level 3 - Child to look at the picture, then read the 3 sight word options available and circle the correct answer.

Teaching tips

  • Ensure that your child can successfully identify different body parts before working on its sight words.

  • Do not teach all the sight words at one go, as it may be overwhelming for your child. Choose one or two targets at a time and teach more commonly used ones, e.g. facial features, before adding more on.

  • Draw your child’s attention to the starting letter of the word and help him/her to read and blend each sight word.

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Receptive language - Point to your (body part)

  • Expressive language - what is this?

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

Our Special Story provides home based 1-on-1 ABA Therapy and school shadowing for children with autism spectrum disorder, speech delay and other special needs. ABA Therapy can help to improve behaviours, attention, speech and communication, school readiness and social skills.

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