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Counting and colouring

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

What is it

Reading the instructions on the page, counting and colouring the correct amount.

Teaching Objectives

  • Learning to read instructions

  • Learning to count and colour based on given instruction

  • Learning to colour within the lines

How to use

  1. Reading Instructions

  • Read the instructions given on the top of the page out loud

  • Point out the amount of objects that need to be coloured, as well as the name of the object

  1. Colouring and Counting

  • Colour the correct amount, while counting at the same time

  • Child is to stop colouring after all the required objects are coloured. Assistance may be provided to remind your child to stop or to continue count after colouring

  • Additional colouring opportunities are provided at the bottom of the page to familiarise your child with numbers and their spelling

Teaching tips

  • If your child has difficulty remembering the amount of objects to colour, you can remind them periodically throughout the session, especially after colouring a few of the objects

  • Another way to prime your child is to point at the instruction on the top of the page to remind them of the amount required

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Attributes - Some of the activities have objects of different sizes! Use them as an opportunity to teach attributes like “big” and “small”!

  • Expressive language - What number is this?

  • General knowledge exposure - associating the pictures in the worksheet to a theme as you teach your child how to count!

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

Our Special Story provides home based 1-on-1 ABA Therapy and school shadowing for children with autism spectrum disorder, speech delay and other special needs. ABA Therapy can help to improve behaviours, attention, speech and communication, school readiness and social skills.

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