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Label the body parts!

What is it

Structured worksheets with differentiated levels to teach your child the labels of different body parts:

  1. Picture to word matching 

  2. Cut and paste sight words

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn the word labels of different body parts

  • Worksheet skills - using a ruler, cutting and pasting

How to use

1. Picture to Word Matching 

  • Various prompts have been provided for learners of differentiated levels

- Dotted matching lines

- Shadow picture prompts

  • Prompt your child to read the words to prevent guesswork

  • While pointing to the picture, have your child find the matching word on the right side e.g “Find the word ‘eyes’ ”

  • Guide your child to use a ruler to join the respective dots together

2. Cut and Paste Sightwords

  • Cut out word labels or have your child to cut them to practise fine motor skills

  • Start with pages with picture prompts provided on the blanks

  • Picture prompts help your child associate the body part with the corresponding word label

  • Picture prompts are then faded and your child has to read the word and match the correct body part independently!

Teaching tips

  • Using a ruler can be challenging for many children; be encouraging and generous with your prompts! 

  • Provide lots of praises for doing the work! 

  • Have your child paste post-it notes on your face/body with the different body part labels to generalise learning

  • Sound out the letters when reading

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Receptive language: Point to your ear?, Where’s mummy’s knee?

  • General knowledge: Your nose is for?, What can you do with your foot?

Download your FREE printables here!

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