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Learn to read number words!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

What is it

  • Cut, match and paste number words to the correct number

    • Level 1: 1 to 10 (with prompt)

    • Level 2: 1 to 5 ; 5 to 10 (no prompt)

    • Level 3: 1 to 10 (no prompt)

  • Matching worksheets

    • Level 1: Match number to word from 3 options

    • Level 2: Match number to word from 5 options

    • Level 3: Match number to word from 5 options, then trace the number word

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn to read number words

  • Worksheet skill- Matching by drawing a line to connect

How to use

Cut, match and paste Level 1 & 2

Cut, match and paste

  • The printables are differentiated by different levels of difficulty.

  • Practice your child’s cutting by cutting out the number words.

  • Start with Level 1, where visual word prompts are provided to help your child match the word to the number with ease.

  • Reinforce your child’s learning by spelling out the word and relating it to the number i.e. ‘this is 1 - O, N, E, one”

  • Use Level 2 worksheets when your child is familiar with the number words. It is separated into a field of 5 options (1 to 5 and 5 to 10), to keep your child successful and prevent him/her from feeling overwhelmed by the increased difficulty.

  • Finally, use Level 3 worksheet with a field of 10 options to further challenge his/her attention and knowledge of number words.

Matching worksheets Level 1, 2 & 3

Matching worksheets

  • The printables are differentiated by different levels of difficulty.

  • If your child does not know how to match by drawing lines, start with Level 1.

  • Start by reading the numbers and words on both sides of the worksheet.

  • Get your child to point to the number on the left, then point to the matching number word on the right. Then allow him to draw a line to connect the two.

  • It’s ok if your child is not able to draw the line from the dot to dot accurately for a start, as the objective is to work on his understanding of number words.

  • Increase difficulty to Level 2 and 3 progressively.

Teaching tips

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

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