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Occupations Matching

What is it

Matching worksheets

  • Picture of occupation to word (with tracing prompt)

  • Picture of occupation to word

  • Occupation to associated picture (eg. pilot to aeroplane, doctor to patient)

Teaching Objectives

  • Learn to match pictures to correct word

  • Learn the associated tools/items with each occupation

How to use

  • Have your child identify what are the different occupations in pictures on the left and read the words on the right

  • Dotted tracing prompts are provided to promote your child’s self learning and independence

Teaching tips

  • If your child finds it difficult to draw a straight line, use a ruler as an aid to connect the points

  • Use different coloured pencils/crayons to match each question

  • Show your child videos about different occupations and talk about what they do

Embed more learning opportunities

  • Receptive language - Point to the fireman, where is the doctor?

  • Expressive language - Who is this? What is this word?

  • General knowledge- What does a doctor do? Who delivers letters?

-Specially created by Our Special Story-

Our Special Story provides home based 1-on-1 ABA Therapy and school shadowing for children with autism spectrum disorder, speech delay and other special needs. ABA Therapy can help to improve behaviours, attention, speech and communication, school readiness and social skills.

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